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Makers of MegaSeg DJ and Pro radio automation software.

We simplify music mixing and library management for club & mobile DJs, radio stations, hotels, restaurants, retail, and other music related industries. Our flagship product, MegaSeg Pro, is the premiere mixing and automation system used in over 105 countries.

MegaSeg offers powerful audio and video playback control, with beat mixing, automatic segues, looping, hot key sound effects, ambient video playlists, playback automation, playlist generation, timed event scheduling, artist separation rules, cue outputs, request lists, logging, and analytics.

MegaSeg Club DJ

Mobile DJ Software ›

MegaSeg is the advanced DJ & VJ mixer for Mac and iTunes/Apple Music, built from the ground up to be solid, elegant, and totally macOS native. It’s the perfect DJ app for your Apple MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.
MegaSeg Radio Studio

Radio Automation ›

Power your station with MegaSeg Pro featuring built‐in music scheduling, event programming, and rules for track separations, with modes for live assist or full automation. Great for terrestrial radio, online streaming, or podcasting.
MegaSeg Restaurant Music System

Hospitality Music ›

Streamline background music systems for business. You’ll benefit from automatic playlist generation and timed events to schedule in‐house messaging, announcements and advertising. Get full control over the mood and increase sales.

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